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Quote Number QUO-162
Quote Date July 26, 2021
Total R12,300.00
Maxine Levy

External ssd upgrades due to inferior SSD's that have been installed into the iMacs by another third party.

The reason for putting the new ssd's externally and not internally is due to the displays being cut off before (to install the previous ssd's) and not knowing what was used to stick the displays back on, Increases the rest of cracking the display if we try to remove it to install the new ssd inside the machine.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
3 1TB Crucial MX 500 SSD
3 2.5" External Housing
3 Clone, Labor 3h per machine (R450 p/h), set up SSD's R1,350.000.00%R4,050.00
Sub Total R12,300.00
VAT R0.00
Total R12,300.00

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